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Finding addiction treatment services isn’t hard. But finding the right type of therapy is something better left to us. Our decisions on who should treat your addiction are based on two things - your condition and best possible treatment provider for that type of situation.


Wh​at We Do

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Rehab referral help is our core service. We speak with patients and gather info about their addiction. That info helps us refer them to organizations that can help treat their problem.

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Treatment & recovery are two essential services an organization like we can offer. We treat addictions and help in the recovery after the patient becomes clean.

Support groups

​Support programs for addicts exist, and people don’t know about them. We work with those programs and send people to them. This service has a high success rate as very few individuals tend to relapse.


Promise Of Quality Care

We guarantee the quality of care every patient receives. It doesn’t matter whether they are under our direct supervision or they are referred to one of our branches (other organizations). If you contact us, then you will receive the highest quality care that is possible in your case.

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