Only The Best Care For Addiction Patients

The number of rehabilitation facilities that have a low-success rate in curing addiction and preventing people from relapsing is low. Providing rehabilitation services is business that flourishes and therefore many try to enter this market and earn money. The problem is that their level of service is shallow. Their focus lies on cash rather than on curing addiction.

This wrong approach to the addiction treatment makes it hard for people to find excellent facilities that focus on right things. This is why organizations like this exist. Giving you a tool to find proper help is what the focus of this site is.

Allowing people to compare facilities and find those that can and will help them is something only a site like this can do.

The purpose of this site is to help

The-Best-CareThe ultimate goal of this site is to create the biggest directory of facilities, groups, and individuals that offer their services to addicts. The type of addiction doesn’t matter; the index contains all facilities that treat every kind. Right now, the search engine is still imperfect, but we are working on that. The other short-term goal is the creation of sub-types that will allow the more accessible location of decent facilities. This will make it easy for alcohol addicts (example) to find similar organizations that offer this type of help.

The primary work we do is establishing connections with various organizations and creating a vast network of contacts that are just a click away from providing help. Our goal is to offer direct assistance to those that contact us. This allows us to gather information about them and find the proper facility or organization that can help them.

We are known for being direct involvement with patients. We don’t want to refer a patient to someone who won’t provide high-quality care. Every patient we accept is a unique case that needs attention. Our cooperators also have the same approach, and we don’t work with those that don’t think like that. Highest quality of care can only be provided by those that talk with patients rather than stuffing them with medicine and throwing them among individuals with similar problems.